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11. november 2014
NORCAP seeks civil engineers to build Ebola treatment units in West Africa.
NORCAP seeks civil engineers

Scaling up Ebola response

22. oktober 2014
The number of patients with Ebola virus disease in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone has surpassed 9200 and more than 4550 people have died. NORCAP is now redoubling its efforts to strengthen the UN with experienced humanitarian personnel.
Scaling up Ebola response
22. oktober 2014
When the breadth of the Ebola epidemic became clear, NORCAP veteran Stener Vogt (58) decided he would not retire from humanitarian work after all. On Friday, he travels to Liberia to lead the child protection cluster in Monrovia.
It became impossible not to help

Request NORCAP experts

17. oktober 2014
NORCAP deploys experts on demand to the UN, regional organisations and national governments. Find out how your organisation can request surge personnel to strengthen operations.
Request NORCAP experts

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NORCAP seeks experienced, highly motivated and independent experts. We recruit new roster members four times a year.

Annual report 2013

Read about NORCAP's activities and geographic and thematic priorities in the annual report for 2013.

A more resilient roster

Thorough debriefing of personnel after missions contributes to a more resilient roster.

Strengthening the UN

Through their work, NORCAP's deployees help make the UN and other international organisations more efficient.

NORCAP training

All active NORCAP roster members who are not currently on a mission are eligible to participate in NORCAP’s training programmes.

Request NORCAP experts

Find out how your organisation can request surge personnel.

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Snapshot of deployments

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