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12. februar 2015
Schools in Liberia will soon reopen after having been been closed for more than seven months. “Increased poverty and stigma due to the Ebola crisis may prevent many kids from returning to school,” says NORCAP education expert Annelies Ollieuz.
Delayed reopening of schools in Liberia

Haiti still struggling five years on

09. januar 2015
Five years after the earthquake that laid Haiti in ruins, 80,000 people are still living in displacement camps. “Haiti is a long way from becoming resilient to natural disasters, it is extremely important that we don’t abandon the aid effort before the job is done,” says NORCAP shelter expert Raúl Saénz de Inestrillas.
Haiti still struggling five years on

The Good Enough Guide

28. januar 2015
ACAPS has published "Humanitarian Needs Assessment – The Good Enough Guide", to help humanitarian staff design and implement needs assessments in emergencies.
The Good Enough Guide
16. desember 2014
The conflict in northeast Nigeria deteriorates as insurgent group Boko Haram increases attacks on civilians. “Increasing numbers of people are forced to leave their homes and livelihoods,” reports NORCAP’s Mohammed Sheik Aden Ismail.
Humanitarian needs growing in northeast Nigeria

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