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08. oktober 2014
Hassan Srour, an experienced logistician, is the first NORCAP expert deployed to support the UN in fighting the deadly Ebola virus.
-Everybody must do their part to fight Ebola

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17. oktober 2014
NORCAP deploys experts on demand to the UN, regional organisations and national governments. Find out how your organisation can request surge personnel to strengthen operations.
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16. oktober 2014
Two million people in South Sudan do not have enough to eat. When roads are closed due to fighting and rains, food aid must be dropped from passing airplanes to reach vulnerable populations.
Reaching out to vulnerable populations
13. oktober 2014
We have received numerous queries from our roster members with regard to the Ebola response. Find answers to common questions here.
Frequently asked questions on NORCAP's Ebola response

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Deployment trends

Large-scale crises has stretched NORCAP's funding, but our experts continue to respond in Iraq and elsewhere.

Annual report 2013

Read about NORCAP's activities and geographic and thematic priorities in the annual report for 2013.

Join the NORCAP roster

NORCAP seeks experienced, highly motivated and independent experts. We recruit new roster members four times a year.

A more resilient roster

Thorough debriefing of personnel after missions contributes to a more resilient roster.

Strengthening the UN

Through their work, NORCAP's deployees help make the UN and other international organisations more efficient.

NORCAP training

All active NORCAP roster members who are not currently on a mission are eligible to participate in NORCAP’s training programmes.

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