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04. juli 2014
One year into the Syrian civil war, school attendance by Palestine refugee children plummeted and only 40 % remained in school. With the contribution of NORCAP education in emergencies specialist Elin Gjertsen, UNRWA has managed to turn the negative trend.
Turning the negative trend for Palestinian students
04. juli 2014
In the Central African Republic, more than 2.5 million people depend on humanitarian assistance. In a recent briefing note, the GenCap Gender specialist in the country highlights how the conflict undermines the personal and collective security of girls and women.
"Now we don't even know where to start from"
25. juni 2014
An estimated 250,000 children have been displaced since armed groups seized control over Mosul in June, according to UNICEF. “The uncertainty they face is tough,” says child protection expert Magnus Boutera.
"Fear and uncertainty facing Iraqi children"

Responding to rising displacement in Iraq

25. juni 2014
"We need to be prepared for significantly higher numbers of people displaced,” warns NRC's Secretary General Jan Egeland. While numerous large-scale crises around the world has stretched NORCAP's funding, our deployed experts continue to respond in Iraq and elsewhere
Responding to rising displacement in Iraq

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